Welcome to Masterworks Chorus of the Shenandoah Valley

Welcome to Masterworks Chorus of the Shenandoah Valley

Corinthians For Moms

Though I have a spotless house with everything in its place,
If I don’t have love,
It’s just a house and not a home.

If I lose my baby weight and slip easily into my pre-pregnancy clothes,
If I don’t have love,
I’m just a skinny mom with no ample lap to snuggle in.

If I take my kids to dance, gymnastics, art class, and karate,
If I don’t have love,
I’m just a driver delivering over-scheduled kids.

If I throw the best-themed birthday parties, and
feed my kids NON-GMO, organic, gluten-free, sugar-free foods,
Without love,
their bellies will be full, but their hearts will be empty.

Love laughs when there’s a spill, or holes in brand new tights.
Love wipes the tears of a broken heart and forgives the mess of a broken lamp.
Love is not jealous if other kids are potty-trained at age two,
never throw a tantrum in public,
and sleep through the night.

Love rejoices in the triumphs of any mom who gives it her all.
Love is not prideful when her child is sweet and compliant.
Love does not judge a mom who lets her child watch an iPad in a restaurant, or
Wear a Halloween costume in February.

Love is merciful and takes no notice of wrongs.
Love doesn’t demand its own way,
Love will eat pizza instead of filet mignon.

Love will forego a date night for a dance recital or talent show.
Love will surrender sleep
for a teething baby, a slumber party, or a teen driver to come safely home.

Love doesn’t notice the spit up on her clothing,
Smears on windows, or fingerprints on walls.
Love gives thanks for those reminders of the cherubs in her care.

Love never gives up, love never loses faith.
Love believes the best for every child,
No matter how naughty they may be.
Love endures every stage of life, from pregnancy to adulthood,
With grace and confidence.

Though naptimes will cease, and homework increase,
Love will never fail.

When I was childless, I thought I knew it all,
but when I gave birth, I gave up childless ways.
I learned to depend on Him for all wisdom and strength.

At the end of my days when my children are raised
The thing they’ll remember is . . .

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