Welcome to Masterworks Chorus of the Shenandoah Valley

Welcome to Masterworks Chorus of the Shenandoah Valley

Spring 2017 Rehearsal Notes

May 8
Gina's solo: the chorus will be standing on the sides
Shouts of proclamation from designated readers
Prepare ye: Gina starts, followed in sequence by groups 2,3,4,5,6
  (NO MUSIC: keep folders in left hand

Siyahamba starts immediately- first the bongo (Remy and Megan move to downstage left mic), then    we sing Swahili, English, Swahili, English; NO MUSIC; Remy verses 1/3; Megan 2/4 (move to regular concert positions)

WELCOME! (Scott?)

My Life Flows On: hymn we'll sing with the audience (bulletin insert)

Hamba Nathi: NO MUSIC; only two verses, then Ramona moves to downstage right mic; Laurie to left mic

The power of Prayer: reading by Ramona and Laurie

Down to the Water to Pray: Melisa's solo- p.2, cut choir parts m.8 through m.16; choir enters at m. 17;cut choir parts p. 6, m.59 - 67; choir enters p.7, m. 68

All My Trials: after this, Julie goes to downstage right mic, Karen to the left to read

Mother's Day Prayer

The Lord's Prayer: after this, the men sit in the back of the choir

The Rose (women's chorus)

Greeting the audience; hand out"gifts"; Dee, Robb, Denise, Bruce, Gina and Jane move to front when Elizabeth starts playing

Love Will Be Our Home (men end up on front row left; other chorus members sit wherever space is available; Margaret and Melisa on front row right)

Java Jive: Melisa, Margaret, Bruce and Scott; after this, men sing

My Girl (women in lines on the sides- sopranos on stage right; altos- stage left);stay put while Bruce reads

Words of Encouragement

The Storm is Passing Over: NO MUSIC; we will walk to the front when we repeat p.3;
sing pp. 4 and 5, then repeat; p.4: third time: "The storm....drums, "the storm".....drums.....(watch Scott for repeats)

Alexander's Ragtime Band

Swingin with the Saints : After this Remy moves to downstage left mic; Erica to the right to read

Corinthians for Moms

The Gift of Love

Over the Rainbow

The Impossible Dream: we will walk out to Elizabeth's reprise and sing the last 3 pages again in the back

May 1
The Roseunison from p. 2 - 4 (m.16); parts m. 16-32; unison m. 40 - 44; parts m. 44 - end

My Girl

Alexander's Ragtime Band

The Gift of Love: m. 18 watch for break; Dee will do the solo starting on p. 4; m. 56 watch for
   break; last amen- watch for rit.

The Lord's Prayer: m. 6 heaven- "eh" vowel sound; hallowed: no fermatas

Swingin' With the Saints

Over the Rainbow

The Unreachable Star

Down to the Water to Pray: Melisa solo, m. 8 - 15

Apr. 24
The Gift of Love: pp. 5 - 7
  m. 64- watch Scott for break

Over the Rainbow: pp. 4 - 11; m. 64

Alexander's Ragtime Band: all

Swinging with the Saints:
   omit the "shout" in the last 2 measures

Prepare Ye: we counted off from 1 - 6; the 1s started, then each other group came in one by one, making layers

If: practiced the melody with out words

Apr. 17

The Storm is Passing Over

Swinging' with the Saints: pp. 3-7(parts A - C)

The Gift of Love: pp. 4 - 7

The Rose (women)

My Girl (men)

If (Scott's arrangement)
verse 1:  breathe after words, m.4;  after you, m.6; after know, m. 10; no break after show, m. 8
verse 2:     "           "    ships, m. 4;     "    go, m. 6;    
verse 3:     "           "        I, m. 17;      "    fly, m. 19; after you, m.8


All My Trials, p.4

Down to the Water to Pray, m. 8- 16; 59 - 67

The Gift of Love, pp. 4 - 6

Siyahamba: solo verses (See xerox: "The Lord is the Strength of our Lives....")

Love Will be our Home: entire song, male or female; also can be a duet)

Apr. 10
The Impossible Dream:  pp.6 - end

Prepare Ye: Random groups will do the melody, m. 69 - 76; while sopranos- do the top line;
        coda: all , last 3 1/2 measures

Down to the Water to Pray: m. 3 and 5- all men on bass "Let's go"; ran the whole song

The Lord's Prayer: pp.2 - 4

Alexander's Ragtime Band: all

Apr. 3
My Girl (men)

The Storm is Passing Over: pp.4-5, then all pages

All My Trials: close the n on soon wherever it occurs; ran the whole song (no solo assigned yet)

Swinging with the Saints: Letter K through the end, then all pages

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord: MEMORIZE m. 68 - 76; harmony on m. 76 - 79

Alexander's Ragtime Band:all

Siyahamba: MEMORIZE; we're doing the Zulu first, then "Come Walk with Us..." and "Give us Peace..."

The Impossible Dream: pp.6 - 10x

Mar. 27(women)
Hamba Nahti: verse 1 (Zulu and English), and verse 4 (in the refrain, sing "..the journey is long"

The Impossible Dream:  pp. 2-12

The Rose:  pp. 2-7

The Gift of Love: MEMORIZE amens

The Lord's Prayer: letter B to the end

Alexander's Ragtime Band: pp.2-10

Mar. 20
The Rose (women)
Always emphasize S in Some Say;m.1- no break after love (and wherever else this phrase appears) m.2- breathe after river; m. 6: breath after razor; m. 17: no break after heart; m.18: breath after breaking; m. 23: no break after never; m.29: no break after soul; m. 34: breath after lonely; m. 38-39: quick breath after only; no breath after lucky; m. 41-44: altos sing oo; m. 47: crescendo on spring; breath before becomes; last phrase soft

Swingin' with the Saints
section K to the end; section P. second line: breath after number; ran the whole song

The Lord's Prayer
Our Father: do-la-do; m. 7: drop first note; hallowed: change there eighth notes to quarter notes;
m.12: no break after done; m. 13: earths only 2 beats; m. 17: no break after is: m. 24-25: slight crescendo on each word; no break after day

Siyahamba: from memory

The Gift of Love
m. 18: watch for cut off after brass

Alexander's Ragtime Band
Ran the whole song

The Storm is Passing Over

Men rehearsed My Girl

Mar. 6
All My Trials
pp.2-4: worked on colors (do/la)

The Lord's Prayer
pp. 2-8


Over the Rainbow
pp. 6-11

Swingin' with the Saints
pp. 3-10 (ending at K)

Feb. 27
Down to the Water to Pray
p.3, m.17: no break after brother; m. 20 and 22: breathe after down
p.4, m. 34: no break after sister; m.36: breathe after down;
p. 5, m.36 : no break after down; m. 37: breathe after down; m. 38: no break after sister;
        m. 39: breathe after down.; m. 51-52: no break after children; breathe after down;
p. 6, m. 63: shorten dotted 1/2 note, take a breath;
p. 7, m.68-69: no break after people, breathe after down; m.70-71:no break after first down;
       breathe after second down; m.72-73: no break after people, breathe after down

Siyahamba: MEMORIZE Zulu and English verses

Over the Rainbow
p. 9, m.52: breathe after rainbow
p. 10, m.54:breathe after fly; m. 56: breathe after rainbow

Hamba nahti:  MEMORIZE ZULU verse; English verses 1 ("Come....") and 4 ("Give....)
Verse 4: in refrain, sing ...journey is long

Swingin' with the Saints
p.3, m.5: no break after low; m.6: cut dotted quarter note, breathe; m.7: no break after me
p.4, m. 10: cut dotted quarter note, breathe; m.12: SA make dotted whole note only 4 beats

The Storm is Passing Over: pp.1-3

Prepare Ye: received xerox

The Lord's Prayer : pp.6-8

Feb. 20
Down  to the Water to Pray, pp.5-7, starting at m. 42
m. 44: change to quarter note with rest; m. 46: no break after how; m. 48: break after life; 
m. 49-50:  slight rit.; p. 6: watch for solo line m.59-67; p.7: first time mp; second time forte ;
m.75: change to quarter note and rest

Hamba Nahti


The Lord's Prayer, pp.6-8
m.35: separate us and not;  mm.40-41: watch for breaks; m.42: breath after glory
m. 46: breath after amen

The Storm is Passing Over  pp.1-3
MEMORIZE p.3; m. 6: accent jour-; m.9: accent far ... home; m.12-13: separate God with glottal stop (Go-od); m. 14: accent light; m. 17 and 19: accent first syllable of over

Jan. 30
The Impossible Dream, pp.6-8
 No breaks after quest, m. 22; hopeless, m. 24; right, m. 27; breath after pause
 m.27-28: emphasize will-, march-, hell, heav-, growing louder at each of these syllables
m.29: breath after cause
No break after true, m. 31; breath after quest, m. 32; no break after heart, m.33
No break after world, m. 36; man, m. 37; strove, m. 40; breath after courage, m. 41

The Storm is Passing Over, p. 3
m. 19-21: ^ above a note- separate the notes

The Gift of Love, pp. 2-7
m. 18: break after brass; m. 26: no break after so; m. 38: break after soon; m. 57: break after -ship

Feb,  6
Siyahamba (xerox): see-yah hahm-beh-coo-cah-nyeen-kwehn-kohs
cut off last note on the first line; crescendo last note line 2
altos watch rests, line 3
There will be 3 solos assigned; bongos will accompany the singing

Hamba Nahti (xerox): nahti is pronounced nah-tee; drop the m- before mku-; we-thu: way-too
upper line is a solo
a capella

The Impossible Dream
vowels, rhythm, cut-offs
m.21: slight rit.; m.32: begin rit.; m.53: no break after true; m.56: men break after calm; 
m. 60: no break after man; m.63: break after courage; m.64:  molt rit.

Gift of Love
p.7: amens
last 3 measures: Crescendo/decrescendo

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