Welcome to Masterworks Chorus of the Shenandoah Valley

Welcome to Masterworks Chorus of the Shenandoah Valley

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Raffle Winners

The drawing for raffle winners was held at the December MWC Board of Directors Meeting.   The winners are:

First Prize (2 night stay at the Windsong Cabin in Tennessee donated by Charlie and Betty Karol Wilson)
Ines Castro of Silver Spring, MD!

Second Prize (Film at Five hand made quilt donated by Kathy Ackerson)
Helen Thomas of Mt. Jackson, VA!

Third Prize (Vehicle services provided by J&J Auto)
Mike Chambers of Mt. Jackson, VA! 

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dress Rehearsals Nov. 27 and Dec. 1

NOV. 27: We will rehearse at Emanuel in Woodstock*
                 (to avoid the Christmas parade Dec.1)

DEC.1: We will rehearse at Reformation in New Market*

*Concert attire NOT required

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Nov. 20 and Nov. 27 rehearsals; Concert times

1.Welcome back Elizabeth!

2.Agenda for November 20 Rehearsal at Reformation Lutheran Church, 9283 N Congress St, New Market, VA 22844
All chorus members plan to arrive by 6:45 to acclimate to the church/pews/etc.   Have music in order of the program.  Remember that Breath of Heaven is after Amani.   Be ready to sing at 6:55.  Bring water!  The rehearsal will go back and forth between risers, pews for sitting and blocking.  

Additional specific times for soloists on Nov. 20:
6:30 - Rehearsal with Melisa & Elizabeth on THE CHRISTMAS SONG
6:45 - Rehearsal with Matt and Melisa & Elizabeth on LO HOW A ROSE
9:00 - Rehearsal with Patrick and Megan, if possible, on Amani

3.IMPORTANT REQUEST for everyone (especially men) to look and see if you have 2 copies of SHEPHERD'S SPIRITUAL.   Scott is missing his copy after lending it to someone and he needs this back on Nov 20 so that he can make a copy for the drummer.

4.Scott asks us all to look over the changes in HERE WE COME.  

5.Times/Locations for the reminder of rehearsals and concerts for 2017.

November 27
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Dress rehearsal (concert attire NOT required)
Reformation Lutheran Church

December 1 (Friday)
Dress Rehearsal (concert attire NOT required) 
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Woodstock

December 2 Concert
Concert Time 3:00 p.m.
Call Time 1:30 p.m.
Emanuel Lutheran Church

December 3 Concert
Concert Time 3:00 p.m.
Call Time 1:30 p.m.
Reformation Lutheran Church

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Christmas handouts from the chorus to the audience

Be thinking of  Christmas cards, items, anything appropriate to be given to the audience at the "greeting" section of the Christmas concerts.


Please have all your music in this order by Nov. 20

Part I

Coventry Carol (might be cut)

*Lo, How a Rose (Matt and Melisa)

*O Holy Night (Alex Zuber)

Carol of the Bells (women)

Part II

Here We Come

Pat a Pan

Sing We Now


Breath of Heaven

Shepherds Carol (men)

Christmas Day

*Christmas Song (Melisa)

Blue Christmas (men)

Deck the Halls

Swingin' St. Nick

White Christmas

Let There Be Peace

Here We Come (repeating a part of this song)

Nov. 20 and 27 rehearsals

Concert attire not required

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Announcements of Christmas solos

1.  There will be several readings - especially at the beginning - I have not "cast these" yet. 
2.  Lo How A Rose ere Blooming/The Rose - This is a duet piece that I did not present to soloists, but decided to add.   I would like Melisa Thomas & Matt Smith to sing this. 
3.  Oh Holy Night - Alex Zuber
4.  Amani - Megan Knitter & Patrick Freund
5.   Christmas Day: READ CAREFULLY PLEASE!
     a.  Page 2-3 - Remy (Please memorize.  I plan on having you in the middle aisle to sing this to the choir surrounding you.) 
     b.  Page 3-4 - Choir - Memorized - circled around audience
     c.  Page 4 - Bass solo:  Rory Nansel  (Please memorize) - You will be near the front, and step out to sing to everyone.
     d.  Page 5 - 6 ,  Quartet - Jessica, Laura, Matt & Patrick (same position - music is fine)
     e.  Page 7 - Choir - memory - circled around audience
     f.  Page 8 - Quartet (same as before) 
    g.  Page 8 - Rehearsal F -  Page 10, 1st measure.  (Would prefer memorized)
    h.  Page 9 - 10. (Not Sop solo, but tenor)  Also, Tenor Tutti at bottom of 10 through 11 - Matt Smith
    I.  Page 11 - Quartet (same as before) 
    J.  Page 12, 13, 14 - Choir - memory - circled around audience
    K. Page 14 - bottom entrance; Patrick, then Jessica, then Laura, then Jessica - through page 15
    L.  page 16 - Quartet at top, choir at bottom staff, followed by quartet.
6.  The Christmas Song - Melisa Thomas
I decided to keep all the men on BLUE CHRISTMAS- no solos.   I also decided to have all women sing unison - Breath of Heaven the solo parts.  
Thanks for your respect, your patience and your work!  I've also decided to not use a quartet or soloists on Let there be Peace on Earth!   Congratulations soloists, and Congratulations Choir!  
Peace, Scott

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Nov. 6 Rehearsal at Emanuel Lutheran Church, Woodstock

6:25 – 8:00 : Women (Scott leads all)
7:25 – 9:00 : Men  (Scott leads all)
Board Meeting 8:00 (women only)
     Scott will join at 9

Vespers Services with Harlen Miller

Dear Masterworks Choir members and friends.  We've learned that our former Masterworks director, Harlen Miller is in stage 4 lung cancer and it has spread. We would like to encourage you to attend one of the Vespers services that he is conducting this weekend to support him. The services are at the Seventh Day Adventist church in New Market on Saturday at 4pm and at Manor Memorial Methodist in New Market on Sunday at 4 pm. Please consider attending. These are always lovely services and he will appreciate our support. Thank you   Jane Moll  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017



Amani: Belter solo, man or woman or both
Breath of Heaven: soprano solo
Christmas Day: p.4- low bass; pp.8 - 11, 2 female voices; pp. 9 - 11, tenor solo (not soprano);
                         p.10, 2nd measure - p.11, baritone/tenor solo; these soloists will also sing pp.14-18            
The Christmas Song- Key of C (maybe up to Eb): second soprano
O Holy Night-entire piece- any
Several phrases of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" and/or "Haul out the Holly"


6:30 - 7:30 - Solos with Scott upstairs.
7:30 - 8:30 -  Rehearsal in the basement on: Sing we Now of Christmas, Amani, Swingin Saint Nick, Christmas Day, Breath of Heaven
8:40 - Quick Announcements - men upstairs with Matt (run Shepherd's spiritual & Blue Christmas)
                                               - Women downstairs with Scott - Carol of the Bells
9:00 - Choir released - Solo Auditions until 9:30 upstairs with Scott.

Attachments area

Monday, October 23, 2017

Amani translation

Beyond - Amani (English translation)

English translation 


Peace, Love,
We love you
He, He rules the world
His song sings out love
His truth prevails on earth 
He, why is He gone and never coming back?
Did He ever notice smoke covering the sky and the future? 
△Those helpless and frigid eyes,
Looking to the sky with tears and indignation
This is to condemn wars for making children suffer in the end△ 
▲I shout out to the world
Peace, Love,
We love you,
We need you (Shout out again, again)
Peace, Love,
We love you▲ 
Sky, high in the sky are birds on the wing
Frightened, they spread their wings and flutter around
Gliding through the sky only to search for freedom 
Heart, thousands of broken hearts
We are in a quandary today
It's like truth has disappeared from the earth 
Repeat △▲ 
It's a battle between power and possession
It's a battle between ignorance and prejudice
If there were endless wars
How could we have peace? 
Repeat ▲

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sad news

Our former director, Harlen Miller, is very sick. He announced to his chorus that he has stage four lung cancer that has spread to his liver and elsewhere. He has recently come home from surgery.

His chorus will be giving their Reformation concert the weekend of Nov 3, 4 at the SDA Church in New Market. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Remember that the men are rehearsing at Bethlehem UCC on Friday, Oct.13, 7 - 9 p.m.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


In October we will be rehearsing at Bethlehem UCC in Tenth Legion. 
The address is 11923 N Valley Pike, Broadway, VA 22815
If you are going south on I-81 go past New Market and take exit 257 for Mauzy/Timberville.  Turn left off the exit and left again onto Rt. 11 north.  Bethlehem is only about a mile above the exit on the left.  Drive around to the back of the church.  You can park in the grass.   We will enter through the back and through the door on the left side of the church.  We are in the sanctuary. If you are coming from south get off at exit 257 and turn right on Rt. 11.  

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Silent Auction Sept. 11

We are having a silent auction as a part of the "Meet and Greet" at our first rehearsal. Please look around for suitable items for this fundraiser, and let me know what you're bringing. Thanks!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


The Masterworks Chorus is looking for individuals to share their vocal talents for the upcoming Christmas season of concerts. A simple audition with the Artistic Director, Scott Zane Smith, and a commitment to hard work is all that is needed to become part of a wonderful cache of choral vocalists.

Rehearsals begin Monday, Sept.11, 2017, at Emanuel Lutheran Church, 127 E. High Street, Woodstock, Va., with a meet and greet, information and singing session starting at 6:30 p.m. and running to 8:15.  Immediately following will be time for an  interview/audition .

This season the chorus will be performing works by Rutter, Holst and many holiday favorites by various other composers and arrangers. Rehearsals will be split between Woodstock and the New Market/Broadway area.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Great day at the Yard Crawl

Many thanks to everyone who donated to and worked at the Yard Crawl!

It was a very successful event!

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Please contact one of the people listed below if you need someone to pick up items for the YARD CRAWL  Aug. 12. If possible, please price the items before they're picked up.

Mike Chambers    757-646-6552           m.chambers70@live.com

Rory Nansel          540-333-6219           nansel@shentel.net

Richard Vaught      540-820-7603          mtvalbiz@earthlink.net  (can also store some items)

You can also contact us at svmasterworks@gmail.com.

We will set up our tables and tents Friday afternoon/evening, August 11, near Manor Memorial Church in New Market.

Items not previously picked up may be brought over this evening.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Beat the rush!

Returning chorus members :

Beat the rush and pay your dues by the end of August!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

New email address / MWC Retreat

Masterworks Chorus now has an e-mail address (thanks to Remy).  It is svmasterworks@gmail.com.  
Don't forget the MWC Retreat to be held Saturday, July 8 from 9-1 at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 319 Orkney Grade, Basye, VA.  All choristers are invited to attend.  We will look at by-laws, handbook, and long-range goals with emphasis on the challenges discussed and presented by the Board (namely recruitment and funding).  There will be a pot-luck lunch, so please bring a covered dish. Drinks will be provided.
Directions to Prince of Peace from Mt. Jackson:  Take Rt. 263 West/Orkney Grade from Main St. Mt. Jackson...go about 12.4 miles ..church will be on the right.  You will pass Bryce Resort, but will not travel as far as Orkney Springs.  Drive carefully because it is a curvy road.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Yard crawl Aug. 12

Members and friends of Masterworks: It's not too soon to be gathering goodies for this great fundraising event. We are organizing folks to pick up donations and places for donations to be dropped off.  More details later!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scott's Mom

Wanted to let you know that Scott's mother had a stroke today and was admitted to RMH.  She has some partial paralysis on her right side and is not able to walk.  Scott asked that I share this with the chorus and he would appreciate all prayers. Will let you know if I hear anything else.  Scott has some friends and church members with him at the hospital.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

News from Ramona

I will be typing official minutes of the annual meeting in the near future, but wanted to provide a few highlights.
We passed the budget that was sent out on Monday by e-mail.  We have our work cut out for us as our balance is very low right now, but we are optimistic that we can raise the needed funds to keep our organization healthy and strong. Please watch for opportunities to participate in this process.
Karen and Steve Van Stee have offered a very important challenge.  They are generously pledging $1,000 to MWC to help with summer finances and 2017-18 start-up budget, and are challenging members of the chorus to matchthis amount.  This does not mean that you have to give $1,000 individually, but if you can give something or ask someone else to give something, we will attempt to raise $1,000 collectively.  Checks can be made payable to Masterworks Chorus and mailed to P.O. Box 752, Woodstock, VA.  I will ask the treasurer(s) to inform me of the donations coming in so I can send you a running total of our results. By the way, we raised $175 at the Silent Auction.
The following slate of officers was elected to take office July 1, 2017:
President--Karen Van Stee
Vice-President--Julie Moomaw
Secretary--Sue Dietz
Co-Treasurers--Dee Black and Remy Pangle
Members at Large--Denise Brownlee, Ellie Haun, and Melisa Thomas
You will notice that the office of Pres.-Elect is vacant as Robb Cypher withdrew his name from the nomination.  We are now in need of a Pres. Elect. Please see the description below: 
The President-Elect shall work closely with the President in preparation for assuming the duties of the President toward the end of his/her term. The President-Elect shall direct his/her creativity toward the long-range goals of the organization and the role of the Chorus in the surrounding communities. The President-Elect should keep a close ear to the concerns of the membership and assist the President in maintaining open communication within the organization.
The "old" and "new" Board will have a retreat on Sat. July 8 from 9 to 3 at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at Basye.  All chorus members are invited to attend.  We will look at by-laws, handbook, and long-range goals. Please bring your ideas and food for a pot-luck lunch.
We will again participate in the Shenandoah County Yard Crawl on Saturday, August 12.  We have two outdoor spaces reserved at Manor Memorial UM Church in New Market.  We will need lots and lots of donations--good condition items (no clothing please) and lots of help.  We will likely set up on Friday evening and sell on Sat. More info forthcoming. Save the date!

Yard Crawl

We have 2 spaces reserved at Manor Memorial UMC in New Market on August 12.
Start saving treasures for the Yard Crawl!
We'll also offer some drinks and snacks.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Annual Meeting Silent Auction


From Ramona: 

I am still waiting to hear from several folks concerning the annual meeting on June 5.  If you don't think you've responded yet, please let me know whether or not you plan to attend and if you will bring a guest.  We need to have a quorum to conduct our business.  
This is a very short notice, and I apologize for that, but the thought occured to me just a few days ago that perhaps we could have a simple silent auction in conjunction with the annual meeting. One member mentioned to me on the drive back from Sunnyside that she had purchased a very delicious quart of soup at an auction our chorus held years ago, and that led to the idea that we could boost our treasury in this manner. So, put on your thinking cap and look for things that you might be able to furnish--white elephant items and other treasures, canned products, baked goods, MWC merchandise, and the list goes on.  If you have something you wish to donate, but don't plan to attend the meeting, let me know and I can arrange to pick it up.  Again, since this is short notice, please don't stress over this if you have nothing to bring.  Just be sure to bring your wallet.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Delores Dyer 's address

 Delores Dyer is at Dutch Haven Assisted Living Center, 257 Toll House Rd., Maurertown, VA  22644.  Her sister Sylvia's funeral is May 27.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Note from Tim Keck

I was happy to contribute a modest amount (and only a modest amount this time) to the program.  Which, by the way, was fabulous.  I have never heard the chorus sound better--balance, dynamics, enthusiasm, and simply musicianship..  And the program was a delightful mix of the spoken word and a thoughtfully varied musical program.  The audience Sunday (including my wife and I) was thrilled; I'm sure you all could feel that.

Cards for Leo Snarr update

Leo Snarr (husband of Mary Sue, a long time member of Masterworks) is at Consulate Health Care recovering from open heart surgery.  It would be great if we sent get well cards to him:

Leo Snarr
Consulate Health Care
room 219
803 S. Main St.
Woodstock, VA 22664

Friday, May 12, 2017

Nominations complete

Here is our slate of officers for the annual meeting on June 5:

Pres. :                   Karen Van Stee

Pres.-elect:           Robb Cypher

Vice Pres.:            Julie Moomaw

Sec.:                      Susan Dietz

Co-Treasurers:      Remy Pangle and Dee Black

Members at large: Ellie Haun, Melisa Thomas and Denise Brownlee

There can be other nominations made from the floor at the meeting.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Important notes from Ramona for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

First Important Thing:
Dress rehearsal at Emanuel Lutheran in Woodstock to be held Friday, May 12.  Please note the times for various groups (slight change in time for the men's rehearsal and Java Jive folks).  Everyone rehearses from 7:00 to 9:00.  Men please plan to stay after 9:00 for rehearsal of My Girl
6:30 - Love Will Be Our Home
6:40 - The Rose (ladies)
6:50/6:55 - Java Jive
After 9:00 - My Girl (men)

Second Important Thing
Margaret asked that I send out an email asking the chorus to please bring all raffle money, unused tickets, and tickets stubs tomorrow night unless you are pretty sure you have a sale for them. She would like them turned in before practice and in envelopes please with names on them. She needs to wrap this up, however she doesn't want to keep anyone from making a sale they think they may be able to make.
Can't believe the drawing is coming up Saturday!!

Third Important Thing
Call time for Saturday and Sunday concerts is 1:30 p.m.  Call time for Sunnyside concert on Monday is 5:30 p.m. if possible.  Concert is at 7 p.m. and we will need to get oriented.

Fourth Important Thing
Directions to Sunnyside and information about parking are on the blog; however I will print them below as well.

From I-81, take Exit 247--Rt. 33 East.  Travel 2.3 miles.  At traffic light, make a right onto Rt. 687--Massanetta Springs Rd. There is a 7-11 on corner as you make the turn. Travel .8 mile (past Preston Lake and Massanetta Springs Resort) to Sunnyside.  Turn left at the entrance onto Sunnyside Drive. Continue on Sunnyside Dr. to the first big building on your left.  (Please disregard the sign that tells you to turn left for deliveries, ambulances and Bethesda Theatre as this will take you to the back of the building where there is little to no parking).  Watch for Eiland Center and Corson Lobby (marked by a large green awning).  This is the entrance to the building. There is a parking lot on the left just before you get to this entrance and there are parking lots to the right.  If they look full, just keep driving up Sunnyside Dr. and there will be more parking (you might have to walk a ways).
Once you make it to the entrance of the building, walk into Corson Lobby, and hopefully someone will be at the reception desk to help direct you to the theater.  If there is no one available, walk down a long hall (there is a chapel on the left and restrooms which you might want to visit) to the elevator (on right).  Go to second floor and follow arrows to Bethesda Theatre.  Don't worry if you feel like you don't know where you are going--it is a bit of a maze.  There are a couple of restrooms upstairs as well, but these are one-seaters. 
If anyone wants to follow me, let me know.     Ramona

Friday, May 5, 2017

Directions to Sunnyside

To Sunnyside (3935 Sunnyside Drive, Suite A, Harrisonburg, VA 22801)
From I-81 Take Exit 247 A onto Route 33 East
Travel 2.3 miles
At traffic light, make a RIGHT onto Rte 687 (Massanetta Springs Road)
Travel 0.8 miles to Sunnyside
The entrance will be on your left, marked by a sign.

Turn left into this first entrance onto Sunnyside Drive.
Continue on Sunnyside Drive (please disregard the sign that tells you to turn left for Deliveries, Ambulances and Bethesda Theatre- this will take you to the back side of the building where there is little to no parking. Continue to drive past this sign telling you to turn)
As you continue on Sunnyside Drive there will be a parking lot on your left (there are two signs- one says Eiland Center the other says Visitors) as well as a parking lot on your right.
You can park in either of these parking lots. 
From the parking lots you will want to walk up the sidewalk to the CORSON LOBBY.  The Corson Lobby is marked by a large green awning. 
Once you enter the Corson Lobby, the receptionist will be able to direct you to the Theatre.



Monday, May 8:  7 - 9 at Reformation

Friday, May 12: 7 - 9 at Emanuel


Saturday, May 13: 1:30 at Emanuel/concert at 3
                               Reception 5 - 7 at the old Woodstock Courthouse

Sunday, May 14: 1:30 at Reformation/concert at 3

Monday, May 15: 5:30 at the Bethesda Theatre at Sunnyside/concert at 7

Thursday, April 27, 2017

May 1 rehearsal

I think we forgot to remind everyone of this, but rehearsal on Monday (May 1) will be held at Reformation Lutheran Church in New Market.  Ladies are asked to be there by 6:30 p.m., and gentlemen by 6:55 p.m. Does everyone know where this church is located? (9283 N. Congress St.: coming from the north- it's the big brick church on the right,  after the traffic light at the intersection with  Rt.29-211; coming from the south, it's on the left just past Manor Memorial on the right) 
Scott would like for you to be on the look out for an e-mail from him tomorrow (Friday) regarding solos, program order, and protocol for Monday night. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Note from Ramona

Wow!  I just received a copy of the special (NVD) newspaper ENJOY!:Shenandoah County Living in the mail (addressed to Postal Patron).  If you live in Shenandoah County and received a copy of this paper, please check out page A3.  What a wonderful (full page) article submitted by Laurie Munk highlighting Masterworks Chorus' upcoming spring concert and the background of some our song selections!  I will save my paper for those who don't receive a copy, and I hope that others will do the same. Laurie and Denise are doing a fabulous job with publicity for Masterworks Chorus. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be Monday, June 5, at St. Mary's Pine Church.
We will have dinner (pot luck) starting at 6:00 p.m., followed by the meeting.
IMPORTANT: We will be electing board members for the next year and discussing the  challenges we face as a chorus.

Pres.                  KarenVan Stee

Pres.-elect         Robb Cypher

Vice-Pres.         Julie Moomaw

Sec.                   Susan Dietz

Treas.                            ?

Members at large: Melisa Thomas, Ellie Haun, Denise Brownlee

  1. Membership—numbers continue to decrease, and of special impact is the few men in our chorus
    a. Ideas for recruiting are needed--numbers affect income and there is a need for “new blood.”
    b. What type of choir do we wish to have? Do we seek more men or should we make MWC a women’s only chorus?

  2. Funding—we are struggling to keep up with financial obligations; due to a variety of factors, income has decreased over a period of time
    a. How can we secure additional funding sources?
    b. Do we need to cut back on our expenses, one idea being to sing only one season (Christmas)? 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Monday, April 10

Rehearsal at Emanuel Lutheran

Arrive by 6:55 and be ready to rehearse at 7.

If you have raffle ticket money and stubs to turn into Margaret Figgins, do this ahead of rehearsal.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

March/April Rehearsals

Hope you are starting to thaw out from the snow and really cold weather!  Scott asked me to clarify rehearsal dates and times for the next few weeks.
Monday, March 20--6:30-8:30 Ladies; 7:30-9:30 Men--New Market
Monday March 27--6:30-8:30 Ladies or Men; 7:30-9:30 Men or Ladies (Scott will let us know)--New Market
Monday, April 3--regular rehearsal back in Woodstock
Monday, April 10--make up rehearsal (This is the only extra rehearsal scheduled at this point)